Protect Your Privacy

Customers are increasingly asking us how to protect their online privacy.  In this thought provoking article we will endeavour to answer some of your questions, and provide a trustworthy solution vital for protecting the privacy of wireless connections and your internet traffic.

Many of our customers have a very limited understanding about internet security.  Most are shocked when they learn the extent to which their online internet browsing and social media use is tracked and monitored.  Smartphone users rarely know their phones regularly report information back to developers, software companies and social media platforms, even at night while they're asleep.  In a recent test on one tested mobile phone it tried to contact or pass data back to app devlopers, companies, marketing organisations and social media platforms over 130 times in one night while in standby mode sitting on a table.

As if the above isn't enough, I haven't even touched on how much of your data is passed over wireless networks unencrypted and visible to anyone with a desire to snoop. Fortunately there is a solution and it is not expensive, rather it is worth its weight in gold and it is called a Virtual Private Network or VPN.  A VPN creates a fully encrypted secure tunnel through which all your wireless and internet traffic safely passes.  VPN's use to be complex solutions only used by large corporations.  These days setting up a consumer VPN is a simple process via a readily available smartphone, tablet, and computers app.

Here are answers to some of your common questions about VPN's and why you should consider using a VPN.  At the bottom of the page is information on what we consider to be the best VPN app and an explanation about why we recommend it.

What sort of information is exposed without a VPN?
What is a VPN and how does it work?
Why do I need a VPN
How do I obtain and set up a VPN?
Why should I be aware of the Five, Six, Nine and Fourteen Eyes countries?
What else matters when choosing a VPN?
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